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Aspire to be a world class mixologist?  Right from the very start, you will need the key tools every professional needs for mixing taste-perfect cocktails. Perhaps you’re already an experienced cocktail bartender and your shakers and  jiggers are looking a little tired? Time to fire up the flair factor with a shiny new bar set!

Every cocktail is either classic or unique – or somewhere inbetween! Creating a cocktail is the visionary art of a master craftsman where every subtle detail counts. From chosen mixers, and ingredients in exact measures, to the precision tools needed for uber mind-blowing blends. But all true art needs a magic touch to lift experience to a higher level, and an artist’s tools keep on evolving too.

Stunning new bar sets in state of the art designs and colours

Today, mixologists can climb to greater heights of bar tending and showmanship. Customers will be captivated by your stunning new bar sets in state of the art designs and colours. Designer- crafted for your personalised style of gravity-defying, finger-light dexterity. Time to look at what’s “in store” for mixologists keen to keep ahead of the curve and their customers asking for more!  Starting with the two essential tools in every mixologist’s toolkit – the Jigger and the Shaker.

The Jigger – Precise measurement is the first lesson in mastering the perfect cocktail. The Jigger is an indispensable tool in any mixologists bar set. Personalisation is everything and every cocktail bartender will have their preference, whether bell shaped, slim or a double jigger.  Eye catching new colours include Gold and Copper, which lends an even extra wow factor to the elegant Japanese style jigger.

Cocktail shakers in gold, copper or polished steel

There are three basic cocktail shakers – the traditional Cobbler (also referred to as the 3-piece shaker), the Boston and the Parisian.

The Cobbler – with its built-in shaker and fitted top, is often used by home cocktail makers and mixologists when starting out, and has a smaller volume main container than the Boston. Today, a Cobbler also comes in a choice of lustrous gold or copper colour, and there’s even an Art Deco version in gleaming polished steel.

The Shaker – is more versatile and generally considered the professional’s choice. Its large volume allows more than one drink to be shaken at any one time and is also claimed to enable faster cooling and, thus, less shaking time. The Boston comprises two parts – either as  a ‘glass in tin’ or ‘tin in tin’ version, finished in gold, copper, vinyl or elegantly powder coated.

The Parisian Shaker – also known as the French shaker – is a dynamic 2-piece cocktail shaker originally derived from the conically shaped Cobbler but with the top half seamlessly fitting into the lower half. Elegantly thin walled and flexible, and also beautifully finished in gold, copper or polished steel.

No serious mixologist wants the fear of missing out on showing off the very best in cocktail shaking equipment on their cocktail bar.


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