‘Tin in Tin’ Shaker – Black Plated




With this 2-part shaker you prepare fast and effective cocktails. You add all ingredients to the smaller shaker. Just shake the drink with both shakers and pour the drink out of the large shaker into the corresponding guest glass. This fast kind of preparing a cocktail not only looks good but also is a non complicated way of preparing cocktails.
Both shakers are weighted, have fine walls but are sturdy and durable

Attention: Special care should be taken when cleaning and handling the shaker as it may cause visual damages (scratches). Wash this shaker with soapy water with soft sponge and dry it to soft clean dry cloth. Do no clean shaker in washing machine as liquids used for washing machines may damage the color of the shaker.

  • Capacity: 800ml / 510ml
  • Stainless Steel, Black Mat Plated
  • Both shakers can be used also separately, with mixing glasses