Retro Soda Siphon, 1L


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Infuse your water with pure CO2 without additives. Carbon dioxide is a pure and natural product, created deep within the earth by volcanic processes. As an organic ingredient, CO2 naturally keeps your drink refreshed.

Due to the usage of brushed aluminium and a clear and protective coating, this siphon looks very elegant and attractive. Furthermore it has a handy and convenient size, so that you have anywhere and anytime Soda ready: in your bar, in your kitchen, in your garden and during your party; everywhere where you need Soda Water.  Refine Soda water with attractive syrups and surprise your family with taste and appearance.

With the iSi Soda Siphons you can enjoy refreshing, sparkling soda water with the extra fizz at any time. For pure enjoyment or for spraying onto long drinks and cocktails.


  • Total height: 33cm
  •  Diameter: 9,3cm


  • charger holder
  • 2 decorator nozzles
  • operating instructions
  • small brush