Plantation Jamaica 70 cl




Plantation’s take on traditional Jamaican rum, packed with funky fruitiness. It’s a blend of rums from two distilleries on the island, distilled on the John Dore pot-still at Long Pond and Clarendon’s Vendome-made pot, balancing the character of each. The palate offers notes of banana, apricot, pineapple, cashews and ginger, as well as hints of sweet coconut.

Country: Jamaica & Barbados

ABV: 49.5%

Nose: Very complex, slightly smoky and meaty with fruity, herbal and sour notes building up.

Taste: Bouquet of fruity, ester, floral, woody, and dried apricot aromas, which perfectly complement a flavorful palate of fruity, dry, strong, cognac, and vanilla notes.

Finish: Fresh, tropical fruit, notes of herbs.


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