Martini Riserva Ambrato 75 cl


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This floral and honeyed Vermouth di Torino inspired by MARTINI & Rossi’s original recipes, fuses tradition and modernity. A drink for true aficionados, its amber hue and secret blend of rare botanicals are carried by delicate Moscato Bianco wines, representing a new generation of crafted vermouth.

Country of Origin: Italy

ABV: 18 %

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Sweet, sugar-candy nose.

Taste: Bitter wormwood balanced by honeyed sweetness with layers of complexity. Zesty citrus, green herbal notes, ripe white orchard fruit white flower blossom. Faint ripe strawberry dusted with black pepper and white flower blossom.

Finish:  A little elderflower and honeysuckle linger on the finish.

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Dimensions 34 × 6 × 24 cm

Citron, Vanilla, Raspberry, Apple, Pear, Currant, Rubby Red, Mango, Orient Apple, Carnival

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