Havana Club 7 Anos 70 cl




The Cuban rum Havana Club 7 perfectly demonstrates the versatility of high-quality rum, the expertise of our Rum Masters and their deep commitment to a complex rum aging process. “The very essence of Cuban rum” can be found here, as described by its creator, the late great Don José Navarro. This rum can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, but always in good company!

Country: Cuba

ABV: 40%

Nose:  Sweet and buttery with intermingled notes of toffee, honeycomb and coffee, a little spice and dried peels with notes of orchard fruits and biscuits.

Taste: Palate Full and rich with notes of cigar box, particularly the cedar wood thereof, guava and banana leaf with more toffee.

Finish: Fruity, creamy finish.


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