Goslings Black Seal 70 cl




Goslings Black Seal Rum, made from a 150-year-old Gosling family recipe, uses the finest distillates aged in charred American oak casks. The smooth, full flavor is the result of a careful blend of aged pot still and continuous still distillates. One imparts flavor, the other yields a subtle elegance. The Beverage Testing Institute awarded Goslings Black Seal the Platinum Medal and Best Buy award. Black Seal Rum is the key ingredient in Bermuda’s National Drink – the Dark ‘n Stormy®. Goslings’ trademarked cocktail, a delicious mix of Black Seal Rum and Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer, appears like a storm cloud in a glass and evokes the mystique of Bermuda.

Country: Bermuda

ABV: 40 vol

Nose: Sweet, dark, cooked fruits. Fruitcake, spice, herbal

Taste: Balanced with thick, sweet spices, stewed fruits

Finish: Spiced, crisp, tingling


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