Bols Corenwyn 6 Jaar 1L




This genever is aged for 6 years on French oak wood and American bourbon barrels. Bols Corenwyn 6 years is a matured blend of herbs and the unique Lucas Bols malt distillate made from rye, corn, wheat and juniper berries.

Bols Corenwyn is best enjoyed pure and at room temperature or as “kopstoot” with a (triple) beer.

Are you curious about our other Bols Corenwyn flavors? Besides this corenwyn thas has aged for 6 years, we also have corenwyn that has aged only 2 years. Would you rather try a genever that has aged a little longer? Try our corenwyn that has aged 10 years in French oak barrels.

Velvety soft with slightly sweet bourbon wood tones and hints of vanilla.

Country: Netherland

ABV: 40

Nose: Herbal and earthy. Thyme and oak.
Palate: grassy, has a vanilla sweetness, and notes of dill and juniper too.
Finish: The grassiness lingers for a little while. Finally some star anise

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Dimensions 34 × 6 × 24 cm

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