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One sip and you’re there – in paradise! Transported by taste! An exotic alchemy – the magic elements at a mixologist’s fingertips. It’s the aim of every cocktail bartender to satisfy their cocktail loving customers. Armed with a formidable bar set of cocktail mixing tools – vintage classics, modern retros and a new creative twist – the spell is cast!

Perhaps no cocktail trend has been more powerful at instantly conjuring up a faraway time and place than Tikiware  – an evocative range of large ceramic mugs often carved in the image of mythic Polynesian gods –  in which to serve favourite tropical island cocktails.

Tikiware cocktail glasses continue to fascinate and intrigue

Today, Tikiware continues to fascinate and intrigue with its expanding range of creative retro designs that explore the ancient culture of islands sprawled across the central and southern Pacific Ocean. Who would not be thrilled to touch and hold the striking Tiki Hua Kai, a 420 ml vessel in traditional smooth carved green, brown or grey ceramic?

There’s more sensory magic to accompany the taste of a spine-tingling cocktail! The enigmatic Tiki Easter Islander, an impressive 450 ml vessel depicting one of the 900 colossal Moai standing stones from a bygone civilisation.

Did you know… that the first Tiki bar was created in Hollywood in 1933, which served a wide variety of exotic rum drinks, including the Sumatra Kula and Zombie cocktail?  Interest in Tiki culture was revived in the 1990s by a new generation of exotic cocktail explorers and new Tiki bars quickly spread around the globe.

Hobstar Libbey cocktail glass is vintage chic and natural gravitas

Imagination and inspiration are always at the heart of engagement between bartender, cocktail and customer! Always experimenting, always exploring the traditional mixed with the new! The Hobstar Libbey cocktail glass is vintage chic with all the natural gravitas that can be handled by traditional style aficionados.

Libbey originates in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the New England Glass Company, founded in 1818. The name ‘Hobstar’ refers to a specific, unique design of crystal glass dating back to the years, 1876 to 1925, often referred to as the “brilliant period of American cut glass”. Time-honoured elegance and grace is imbibed alongside the cocktail itself when sipped from a Hobstar “Double-Old Fashioned” 35cl glass, or rising even higher to the occasion with the Hobstar “Double-Old Fashioned” 47cl glass.

Glassware décor with an eco twist

Some traditions, however, are definitely falling by the wayside! In today’s cocktail bar, the responsible bartender will be sure to use biodegradable straws and complete the glassware décor with bamboo sticks that lend an eco twist to the simplest garnish.

Signature puree cocktails with natural ingredients

The use of natural ingredients is one cocktail tradition that will always be in a mixologist’s lifelong bar set of magic formulas. Whether cocktail mixing at home or at a moving bar, “Alchemy Elements” provides a cocktail menu recipe with an instant dash of taste wizardry whenever it’s needed. Alchemy Bar’s Director, Costas Nicholaides has created three distinctive, signature puree cocktails – Banana, Mango and Strawberry – freshly made to fill every type of cocktail glass with an infusion of unique taste, fragrance, colour and texture.

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