Take Your Mixology Skills To The Next Level

Are you ready to create your own cocktail ingredients and craft signature cocktails from scratch? Then this course is just for you! If you are preparing for a cocktail competition, or just want to learn advanced techniques in bartending, this course will give you the right tools & skills to become a respected mixologist.

October 6, 2021 | Limassol, CY


What you'll learn

Advanced Mixology Course is designed for professional and experienced bartenders who seek extra knowledge to level-up their cocktail making game.


Combine ART & SCIENCE to create incredible cocktail creations that will wow your customers! The popular techniques include using foams, gels, powders, solidifying liquids and dry ice to create unique textures, flavors and visual effects that will enhance your drink. Create cocktail spheres that explode in the mouth, drinks with foams and bubbles, or mint caviar for your Mojito!


The best way to personalize your cocktails is to add some homemade products that form the basis of many cocktails. Learn how to make your own bitters, syrups and liqueurs with unique flavors for your craft cocktails, e.g. homemade vermouth, limoncello or pineapple cordial. Cook & explore – only your phantasy sets the limit!


Infusions are a great way to introduce creative and delicious flavors into your cocktails. Learn how to create craft spirits infused with real fruits and spices, with techniques such as rapid infusion, fat-wash infusion, and maceration, which will allow you to create signature cocktails that can’t always be replicated. Have you ever tried whiskey fat-washed with smoked crispy bacon, or vodka infused with pink grapefruit? Infusions are fun and limitless!


Learn the ancient craft of alcohol distilling and raise the bar of your signature cocktails. We’ll teach you step by step how to distill your own homemade eau-de-vie from wine, or how to create your craft gin with your own selection of botanicals.


What sets an average drink from a delicious and visually appetizing cocktail? Garnishing! It’s a great way to enhance the look, taste or aroma of your cocktail and to showcase your creativity. There are endless possibilities for garnishing – fresh or dehydrated fruit, sweets, edible flowers or leaves, savory garnishes, etc. – and knowing how to use them can set you apart from other bartenders.


Ice is a crucial ingredient for all mixed drinks, and craft bars all over the world use block ice to elevate the quality of their cocktails. Learn about the importance of dilution, especially when serving quality drinks, and learn how to carve out beautiful ice rocks, large cubes, ice balls, or ice diamonds that will make your drinks look like a luxury piece of art!

Ready to create your own amazing cocktails?


See what past attendees have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"As a professional bartender I wanted to get my bartending skills to the next level. Having a great teacher as Costas Nicolaides, he gave me the spark and the keys to open new doors in my career, showing us new techniques and teaching new skills. In general, all courses are of a high standard and for me it was even worth commuting from the other side of the island."

Florian M.
Awards: 1st place, Non-alcoholic Cocktail Competition - 3rd Bar Show Cy.B.A 2018; 1stplace -ODK's Mixologist Competition


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In my search of a new career, I started learning at Alchemy as a complete beginner who never set foot behind a bar. They made me fall in love with bartending and the Level 1 course gave me strong basis to become the bartender I am today. The instructors are up-to-date with our fast growing industry, and have the ability to share their vast knowledge and pass their passion on to their students. The Advanced Mixology course was a key to understand flavors, textures, new techniques and in-depth approach to modern bartending, which helped me to kick start my career, and finally open my own cocktail bar.

Alexis H.
Owner of Sherlock's Home Bar, Limassol

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The instructors are definitely the best there is in the industry! Everything I learned at Alchemy has helped me to achieve and become the best I can. I would 100% recommend Alchemy!”

Kyriacos L.
Awards: 1st place, Cyprus Cocktail Competition - 3rd Bar Show Cy.B.A. 2018


Costas Nicolaides

HRDA and IBA approved International Bartending Trainer.

Costas represented Cyprus in many international competitions around the world and took 2nd place in Finlandia World Cup. His main focus now is on training bartenders of all levels and providing bar seminars and consulting services to hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry.

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START: 6/10/2021

4 lessons | Wednesdays | 11:00-14:00

WHERE: Limassol, Cyprus

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