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Three Cents Mixers isn’t just a brand; it’s the brainchild of four passionate bartenders with a shared dream: to elevate the home cocktail experience. Their story began in Athens, Greece, where George Bagos, Dimitris Dafopoulos, George Tsirikos, and Vassilis Kalantzis first crossed paths. United by a love for the art of mixology, they were inspired by a seminar on carbonation by Darcy O’Neil and his book “Fix the Pumps.” This sparked a creative fire, leading them to experiment with crafting the perfect soda base for cocktails.

Drawing on their combined bartending expertise and a thirst for scientific precision, they meticulously tested recipes, focusing on natural ingredients and long-lasting fizz. Inspired by the history of soda fountains and the era of “Two Cents Plain” sparkling water, the name “Three Cents” was a tribute to both affordability and their quest for the perfect base. Today, Three Cents Mixers stand as a testament to their dedication, offering a range of high-quality mixers that empower anyone to become mixologist.

The Foundation: Two Cents Plain Soda

Three Cents’ story starts with the classic “Two Cents Plain” soda, a historical reference that embodies their commitment to affordability and quality. This unflavored soda serves as the base for many of their mixers, ensuring a clean canvas for your cocktail creations.

A Tonic Trio: Three Cents Tonic, Dry Tonic, and Aegean Tonic

For the gin and tonic aficionado, Three Cents offers a trio of choices. The classic Three Cents Tonic delivers a refreshing balance of bitterness and citrus notes. The Dry Tonic caters to those who prefer a lighter touch, while the Aegean Tonic boasts a unique twist with refreshing notes reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Beyond the Basics: Unique Flavor Explorations

Three Cents Mixers goes beyond the expected, offering a selection of exciting flavors. The Pink Grapefruit Soda adds a vibrant citrusy punch to Palomas and other cocktails, while the Mandarin and Bergamot Soda provides a delicate and sophisticated touch.

Classic Delights: Cherry Soda, Sparkling Lemonade, and Lemon Tonic

Three Cents stays true to beloved soda flavors with their Cherry Soda, Sparkling Lemonade, and Lemon Tonic. These options are perfect for creating timeless cocktails or simply enjoying on their own.

Spicy Zing: Ginger Beer and the Refreshing Pineapple Soda

For those who crave a bit of a kick, the Three Cents Ginger Beer offers a potent ginger flavor ideal for Moscow Mules and other spicy cocktails. And for a taste of the tropics, their Pineapple Soda adds a burst of sweetness and sunshine to any drink.