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The TATA Cocktail Bar is a popular spot in Copenhagen, Denmark, known for its classic and innovative cocktails, intimate setting, and professional service.

  • Named after the red velvet curtain of the neighboring Royal Danish Theatre, the bar itself embodies a vintage feel with a touch of whimsy.
  • The menu boasts an extensive list of cocktails, including both classic favorites and house-made creations. They also offer non-alcoholic options and delightful bites.
  • The bartenders are known for their expertise and friendly demeanor, always happy to recommend a drink or chat with patrons.

Here are some reviews about the TATA Cocktail Bar:

  • “Worth a detour for quality cocktails” – Tripadvisor
  • “…fun, charming and hugely professional bar tenders…everything else is serendipity” – The Martini Socialist

Overall, the TATA Cocktail Bar seems like a great place to enjoy a delicious and well-crafted drink in a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.