This guide contains the top 10 must-know drinks for bartenders – or those learning how to become a bartender.

For each cocktail on the list, you will learn the ingredients, the original authentic recipe without any twists and modifications, the method of preparation step-by-step, and some really interesting information that not many bartenders know. We included some easy tips and tricks to master each cocktail to a perfection, from suggested garnish, liquor brands, to popular substitutions, and the most common mistakes to avoid. But it doesn’t end there! You will learn about the fascinating history and origin of each cocktail, so you will have some good stories that you can tell to entertain & educate your guests or friends. Stories behind the famous cocktails make for a great ice breaker and chat opener.

All the cocktail recipes are available in the printable pdf, which functions as a cheat sheet that you can print and keep it with you as you study and practice.

So if you’re looking for the most popular cocktails to learn before you start hunting for your first bartending job, here you go. Enjoy responsibly! 😉